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Free wiki skin/Thinner sidebar

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How to make sidebar thinner and content wider?

In our free mediawiki skin we use cool grid960 framework. grid960 css is all about grid in which you can combine the layout of the site. So in order to male wiki sidebar thinner and content area a bit wider please do the following.

  • Look for this line in GMWFreeBlue.php (GMWFreeGree.php or GMWFreeRed.php). It is located in your_wiki_root/skins folder.
 <div id="column-content" class="grid_12 <?php if ($gmwSidebarFirst === true) echo "push_4" ?>">
  • replace with this code
 <div id="column-content" class="grid_13 <?php if ($gmwSidebarFirst === true) echo "push_3" ?>">
  • look for this line
 <div id="column-one"<?php $this->html('userlangattributes')  ?> class="grid_4 <?php if($gmwSidebarFirst === true) echo "pull_12"; else echo "omega"; ?>">
  • replace with this
 <div id="column-one"<?php $this->html('userlangattributes')  ?> class="grid_3 <?php if($gmwSidebarFirst === true) echo "pull_13"; else echo "omega"; ?>">

Basically you can apply all the tricks of grid960 framework even in the wiki page content!

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