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How to embed disqus comments?

In our free mediawiki skin we use cool Disqus comments. There are a lot of benefits including moderation, publishing configuration, spam protection and possibility to add akismet filtering for even more spam protection.

The only caution is that whenever you update for a new version of our skin you will have to take care of this change to the source files by yourself!

In order to embed Disqus code do the following:

  • Look for this line in GMWFreeBlue.php (GMWFreeGree.php or GMWFreeRed.php). It is located in your_wiki_root/skins folder.
 <!-- end content -->
 <?php if($this->data['dataAfterContent']) { $this->html ('dataAfterContent'); } ?>
 <div class="visualClear"></div>
  • Immediately after that embed the Disqus code
  • Optionally you may want to wrap the Disqus code with div in order to apply some additional styling with CSS, e.g. margin top.
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