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Download free mediawiki skin

You can download the latest version of this free mediawiki skin from GitHub here

Direct link to download:

Install the skin

Here are possible steps to install the skin:

1. Unpack the archive you downloaded

2. Put the following files and folders into the your_mediawiki_folder/skins folder on your server (e.g. with FTP):

  • GMWFreeBlue.php
  • GMWFreeGreen.php
  • GMWFreeRed.php
  • gmwfreeblue
  • gmwfreegreen
  • gmwfreered

Edit your LocalSettings.php file and assign desired skin to $wgDefaultSkin variable. For example replace

$wgDefaultSkin = "vector"; 


$wgDefaultSkin = "gmwfreeblue"; 

if you want to have GoMediaWiki blue free skin.

Please be sure that you use lowercase letters!

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